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I'm Lyndie / Lyndie Jean / Lyndie Lou. Call me what you like. I'm so happy you're here! 


My goal is to turn your fondest memories and sweetest moments into keepsakes that you can't imagine your life without. Someday, when you're old and gray and flipping through your photo albums, I want your photos to bring you joy and laughter, warmth and gratitude, and hopefully some happy tears. 

My portfolio, as you may have noticed, doesn't consistently adhere to one editing style. I strive to bring to life the unique personality of each client by carefully hand-editing each session, allowing color, tone, and light to help tell your story. Ensuring that your photos are as beautiful as they can possibly be is what matters most. And sometimes, that means doing something new and different than what I've done before. I find this process extremely rewarding. It also allows for my creativity to run a little wild and adds a small element of surprise for my clients. If this sounds like fun to you, then we'll be a great match!

My love of photography began as a teenager when I would often grab my camera to capture my five younger siblings being utterly adorable, wanting to freeze those precious moments in time. Here I am, many years later, doing what I love and feeling incredibly blessed to have found such joy in my work. I'm married to my hunky high school sweetheart, Jonathan, and we have 4 wonderful kids: Genevieve, Desmond, 

Francesca, & Anastasia. They are my dream come true.

5  THINGS  I  L      VE:

1. Dance parties (especially with my kiddos)

2. Surprises (the good kind, of course)

3. Snuggling babies (mmmmm)

4. Getting lost in a really great book (always taking suggestions)

5. Chocolate Extreme Blizzard from DQ (you won't regret it, I promise)

Thank you for trusting me to capture some of your life's loveliest moments.

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